About CMinor Beauty

Chrishelle Minor a Washington, DC native, came from a family of artists & makeup was her medium of choice. She started her career as a Freelance Makeup Artist as well as a Color Consultant in retail. While working in retail she gained an immense knowledge about the science of cosmetics, professional artistry techniques, and branding and marketing in the beauty industry. Her craft slowly became a love for helping people feel great about themselves and seeing how the beautiful art form allowed her to constantly evolve and change directions.
While working in beauty retail she became familiar with many face shapes, facial features, and skin types of many ethnicities, but she noticed that the minority was neglected; there weren’t enough shades for us and there weren’t enough products to address our skin concerns, which inspired her to create CMinor Beauty. This line was launched to incorporate many natural ingredients in products to improve and celebrate the beauty of an under-served community.
CMinor Beauty products were designed to be clean, edgy, fun and bold. Most importantly, Chrishelle creates cosmetics to empower: “To see how my ancestors have played an integral part in the evolution of American beauty and style I am inspired to consider my legacy and what I want to leave behind. I want to be remembered as a woman who uplifted her community and I believe I can do that by creating beauty products to improve our beautiful glow and empower our community to be confident in their skin. CMinor Beauty lives and creates by the motto “Remember to Always be Confident in Your Color!”, she says. 
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